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Minister Crepe Final Boss Form 1 by GEO-GIMP Minister Crepe Final Boss Form 1 by GEO-GIMP
Minister Crepe's first form as I view it for a final boss for Paper Luigi: the Marvelous Compass.

I had decided to make Minster Crepe a ghost in disguise. Minister Crepe is an altered species of Jarvis the ghost!
As Minister Crepe had tried to rise the Luff Empire to take over the Waffle Kingdom he so desired. His secondary goal was to exact vengence on Luigi for ensnaring his only family member left in his Poltergust 3000...

ALL above is fan fiction, not canon!
HyperCubed4 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
I never, ever use this DeviantArt account. I haven't logged into this account in years.

But THIS made me log in. This picture floored me. It looks like Bogmire and King Boo had a love child. It's amazing. I love it. I would LOVE to see this in a Paper Luigi game, or even as the main antagonist for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Awesome job.
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June 21, 2012
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